Summer means unforgettable holidays, fun and adventure. Also, we all tend to forget any dietary rule during the holiday and treat ourselves to all kinds of delicacies, so the holiday souvenirs might also include some extra centimeters around the waist or thighs, the main areas prone to the accumulation of adipose tissue.


It is time for you to contact us for a free body evaluation, at the end of which we will recommend you a customized treatment protocol, designed to get you the desired results in the shortest time possible. And this is possible because our portfolio includes the most effective body remodellingequipment: cryolipolysis CoolTech and VelaShape III.

– 4 cm guaranteed!

CoolTech Cryolipolysis works like a liposuction procedure, except it does not require any surgical intervention, pain or recovery period. The cryolipolysis treatment comprises the freezing of the fat layer reaching temperatures as low as -8°, the low temperature thus destroying the fat cells. What happens with the destroyed fat cells? They are naturally metabolized by the body and converted into amino acids, peptides and proteins. After just one session the circumference of the treated area is reduced by 30%, which means a minimum of 4 cm, a performance achieved only using the CoolTech machine!

Cellulite-free, super toned legs!

Excessive food intake does not lead just to the increase of the adipose tissue, but also to the apparition of cellulite, which is caused by an abnormal process of storing fats under the influence of dietary or hormonal factors. Sport and diet prove insufficiently effective against cellulite if this issue is not treated in an in-depth manner using advanced technologies such as radiofrequency, infrared, vacuum and mechanical rollers massage. Velashape III combines all these technologies in one treatment that ensures spectacular results after just 4 sessions. The purpose of the procedure is to increase the temperature in the dermis up to 42° and then maintaining this temperature, which causes the fat cells to shrink and helps form new collagen bonds. This means that cellulite is reduced and the tonus of the skin is boosted by at least 70%.

Combining the CoolTech cryolipolysis and the Velashape III treatments ensures the best results for body remodelling!