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Patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate. HydraFacial super serums are made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow.

Hydrafacial Clean Face80 Euro/ session
Hydrafacial Brithening95 Euro/ session
Hydrafacial Antiaging110 Euro/ session
Hydrafacial Antiox 6 Cream78 Euro/ 80 ml
Hydrafacial Pure Moist Cream55 Euro/ 50 ml
Hydrafacial Dermabuilder Cream55 Euro/ 50 ml
Hydrafacial Beta Hd Cream48 Euro/ 50 ml


Non-invasive oxygen treatment that targets the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dramatically enhances overall hydration.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Serum100 Euro/ session
Course Pack Intraceuticals Rejuvenate750 Euro/ 6 sessions
Intraceuticals Booster Serum (Vitamin A, Vitamin C+3, Antioxidant, Collagen)120 Euro/ session
Course Pack Intraceuticals Boosters870 Euro/ 6 sessions
Intraceuticals Rejuvenate serum + Atoxelene150 Euro/ session
Course Pack Intraceuticals Rejuvenate + Atoxelene1.000 Euro/ 6 sessions
Rejuvenate Daily Serum145 Euro/ 30ml
Rejuvenate Cleasing Gel40 Euro/ 50ml
Rejuvenate Hydration Gel90 Euro/ 40ml
Rejuvenate Moisture Binding Cream90 Euro/ 40ml
Rejuvenate Eye Gel109 Euro/ 15ml
Rejuvenate Eye Mask89 Euro/ 6 px
Rejuvenate Lip Mask89 Euro/ 6 px
Booster Daily Serum65 Euro/ 15ml
Atoxelene Magic Wand72 Euro
Intraceuticals Clarity Serum120 Euro/ session
Course Pack Intraceuticals Clarity800 Euro/ 6 sessions
Clarity Treatment Gel90 Euro/ 40 ml
Clarity Cleasing Gel40 Euro/ 50 ml
Clarity Blemish Wand72 Euro
Intraceuticals Opulence Serum120 Euro/ session
Course Pack Intraceuticals Opulence850 Euro/ 6 sessions
Opulence Cleasing Gel40 Euro/ 50 ml
Opulence Hydration Gel90 Euro/ 40 ml
Opulence Moisture Brighteting Cream90 Euro/ 40ml
Opulence Daily Serum145 Euro/ 30ml

Skin Tightening Laser ND:YAG

Instant Lifting Treatment

Facial Rejuvenation130 Euro/ session
Decolletage Rejuvenation130 Euro/ session
Neck Rejuvenation90 Euro/ session
Abdominal Rejuvenation200 Euro/ session
Subscription 3 sessions + 1 FREE

Hyaluronic Acid Injections


Art Filler Fine Lines240 Euro/ ml; the second used ml 210 Euro
Art Filler Volume320 Euro/ ml; the second used ml 290 Euro
Art Filler Universal270 Euro/ ml; the second used ml 240 Euro
Hyaluronic Lips Augmentation290 - 340 Euro/ ml; the second used ml 260 - 310 Euro
Hyaluronidase injection160 Euro/ area
Radiesse (correct volume loss, smooth moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds)300 Euro/ 0,8 ml
Radiesse (correct volume loss, smooth moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds)500 Euro/ 1,5 ml



MHA 18190 Euro/ session
MHA 10160 Euro/ session
NCTF 135 Mesotherapy120 Euro/ session
NCTF 135 HA Mesotherapy150 Euro/ session
Dermaroller Mesotherapy140 Euro/ session
Mesobotox200 Euro/ session
NCTF 135 HA Mesotherapy + Vitamin C180 Euro/ session



Microneedling Exceed with NCTF 135 Mesotherapy170 Euro/ session
Microneedling Exceed with NCTF 135 HA Mesotherapy200 Euro/ session
Microneedling Exceed with Cellenis300 Euro/ session

Thread Lifting Treatment


PDO Barb 4D Threads (checks/ jaw line lifting, between 2 - 4 threads/ area)95 Euro/ thread
Short PDO threads10 Euro/ thread

Skin Perfusion

Professional skin care products

5 HP YOUTH CREAM 50ml129 Euro
6 HP YOUTH CREAM 50ml129 Euro
HXR-EYE CREAM 15ml69 Euro
B3 RECOVERY CREAM 50 ml89 Euro
RE TIME SERUM 30ml109 Euro
AA LIFT SERUM 30ml109 Euro
HAB5 HYDRA SERUM 30 ml99 Euro
C LIGHT SERUM 30 ml99 Euro
P BRIGHT SERUM 30 ml99 Euro
E YOUTH 50 SUN CREAM 50 ml59 Euro
NCTF MIST 50 ml69 Euro
Cleansing Milk 200ml29 Euro
Cleansing Oil 200 ml39 Euro
Moisturising Toner 200ml29 Euro

Cellenis Therapy

1 session250 Euro
3 sessions subscription600 Euro

Botulinum Toxin

Bocouture - for ladies

Baby-Botox (create subtle changes and erase fine lines of eyes, forehead and glabella)250 Euro/ session
Forehead Wrinkle Treatment180 Euro/ session
Glabella Lines Treatment180 Euro/ session
Eyes Wrinkle Treatment200 Euro/ session
Masseter Treatment 25u (facial contour modification)200 Euro/ session
Masseter Treatment 50u (facial contour modification)400 Euro/ session
Armpits Sweating Treatment500 Euro/ session
Hands Sweating Treatments500 Euro/ session

Botulinum Toxin

Bocouture - for men

Forehead Wrinkle Treatment230 Euro/ session
Glabella Lines Treatment230 Euro/ session
Eyes Wrinkle Treatment260 Euro/ session

Lase MD

Facial Rejuvenation

1 session with Vitamin A170 Euro
1 session with Vitamin C170 Euro
1 session with Resveratrol170 Euro
1 session with Tranexamic Acid290 Euro


Acne treatment

Chemical peeling70 Euro/ session
Subscription 3 sessions + 1 FREE210 Euro

Body Contouring

Personalised Programmes

Package 2: Body Evaluation + 6 sess. Velashape 3 + 6 sess. Lymphatic Drainage2 areas - 1.000 Euro
Package 4: Body Evaluation + 6 sess. Velashape 3 + 6 sess. Lymphatic Drainage + 2 sess. Criosculpting Define2 areas - 1.500 Euro
Package 5: Body Evaluation + 10 sess. Velashape 31 area - 1.200 Euro


Localised weight loss. Fat freezing at -11°C

1 session with 4 aplicators600 Euro
1 session with 3 aplicators500 Euro
1 session with 2 aplicators400 Euro
1 session with 1 aplicator300 Euro

VelaShape III

Body Contouring Treatment: cellulite and circumference reduction

1 large area (abdomen, thighs, buttocks)200 Euro/ session
1 small area (goiter)130 Euro/ session
1 medium area (arms, lumbars, calfs)150 Euro/ session
2 areas (thighs + buttocks)300 Euro/ session
3 areas (thighs + buttocks + abdomen)400 Euro/ session
Full body600 Euro/ session
Subscription 1 area: 5 sessions +1 for free1.000 Euro
Subscription 2 areas: 5 sessions +1 for free1.500 Euro

Enzymes Treatment

PB Serum

PB Serum Low (Puffiness caused by fibrosis/ Bags under the eyes with excess amount of fat and / or accumulation of fluid/ Flabby skin)340 Euro/ session
PB Serum Low 3 Sessions Subscription870 Euro
PB Serum Medium ( Local fat deposits)350 Euro/ session
PB Serum Medium 3 Sessions Subscription900 Euro
PB Serum High (Treatment and prevention of postoperative fibrosis/ Hypertrophic, atrophic and keloid scars/ Stretch marks/ Fibrous cellulitis )370 Euro/ session
PB Serum High 3 Sessions Subscription940 Euro


Radiofrequency treatment to reduce wrinkles and scars

Face200 Euro/ session
Neck100 Euro/ session
Decolletage200 Euro/ session

Pigmented Skin Lesions

GentleMax Pro Laser Treatment

Face130 Euro/ session
Cheekbones90 Euro/ session
Decollatage135 Euro/ session
Arms150 Euro/ session
Hands50 Euro/ session
Shoulders150 Euro/ session
Minimum price for pigmented skin lesions treatment50 Euro

Vascular Lesions

GentleMax Pro Laser Treatment

Face150 Euro/ session
Price for one pulse4 Euro
Minimum price80 Euro/ session

Fotofinder Bodystudio ATBM

Digital Dermoscopy

Digital Dermoscopy 1 lesion42 Euro
Digital Dermoscopy 2 - 5 lesions50 Euro
Digital Dermoscopy 6 - 10 lesions70 Euro
Digital Dermoscopy 11 - 20 lesions100 Euro
Total Body Mapping130 Euro/ session

Permanent Hair Removal - Alexandrite Laser

GentleMax Pro - for ladies

Legs200 Euro/ session
Calves120 Euro/ session
Thighs130 Euro/ session
Full Bikini area70 Euro/ session
Bikini line40 Euro/ session
Armpits50 Euro/ session
Upper lip30 Euro/ session
Chin40 Euro/ session
Neck60 Euro/ session
Perciuni30 Euro/ ședință
Full Face70 Euro/ session
Antebraț80 Euro/ ședință
Arms110 Euro/ ședință
Perineal area30 Euro/ session
Buttocks80 Euro/ session
Abdomen70 Euro/ session
Chest60 Euro/ session
Abdominal midline30 Euro/ session
Lumbar area100 Euro/ session
Full Back150 Euro/ session
Abonament 5 ședințe + 1 GRATUIT

Permanent Hair Removal - Diode Laser

Primelase - for ladies

Legs160 Euro/ session
Calves80 Euro/ session
Thighs90 Euro/ session
Full Bikini area60 Euro/ session
Bikini line30 Euro/ session
Armpits40 Euro/ session
Upper lip20 Euro/ session
Chin30 Euro/ session
Neck50 Euro/ session
Perciuni20 Euro/ ședință
Full Face60 Euro/ session
Antebraț60 Euro/ ședință
Arms80 Euro/ ședință
Perineal area20 Euro/ session
Buttocks70 Euro/ session
Abdomen60 Euro/ session
Chest50 Euro/ session
Abdominal midline20 Euro/ session
Lumbar area80 Euro/ session
Full Back125 Euro/ session
Abonament 5 ședințe + 1 GRATUIT