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Redefine your traits


Filorga-produtos-embalagemThe injections with hyaluronic acid are the ideal solution to remove wrinkles and compensate for the lack of skin volume. This substance aims at filling fine lines, medium and profound lines around the eyes and the mouth, as well as to provide volume to the face area with which we are dissatisfied. The fillers with hyaluronic acid are one of the most effective anti-ageing methods, but also the most agreed method to redefine facial traits.



untitledWhat is Filorga?

Filorga is a concept that was born in France and soon became renowned worldwide, due to its performances in the field of aesthetic medicine. This hyaluronic-based product brand is recommended as the first choice in the field due to the extraordinary properties of the substances, designed to fights against ageing, to restore the lost volume of the tegument and redefine traits.

Dermal fillers contain reticulated slowly absorbable hyaluronic acids, which provide excellent and long-lasting results, better than any other product on the market. They contain different types of concentrations of hyaluronic acid, which allows the natural redefinition of the face in all areas, thus ensuring immediate and long-lasting results.

  • treats fine lines, medium and profound lines
  • gives lips, cheeks and periocular areas more volume


How does an injection with hyaluronic acid act?

The principle behind an injection with hyaluronic acid is that it retains water and combines it with the naturally existing hyaluronic acid on our skin. It is a biodegradable product that is naturally removed from the body, so a new intervention will be required if we want to remove wrinkles or redefine our features. The reversible nature of these interventions is a plus, as it makes it less scary than the irreversible results of aesthetic surgery for example. Depending on the facial areas that need to be treated with hyaluronic acid, the procedure lasts between 10 and 30 minutes.

Is it painful?

Most of our patients find this procedure tolerable, but before the start of the session, an anaesthetic cream may be applied, to reduce the level of discomfort.

When can I see the first results?

The effect of this procedure is visible immediately, so you will be amazed to notice how the wrinkles disappeared or how you have the lips you have always wanted. All things considered, the final result will be visible 10 days after the injection, which is the necessary time for the human body to assimilate the hyaluronic acid.


How long does the effect last?
The hyaluronic acid is a resorbing molecule, therefore its effects are temporary, lasting on average between 6 and 8 months. The Filorga injectable products contain reticulated hyaluronic acid with a molecular structure superior to other existent ones, which ensures a slow degree of resorption and long-lasting results of up to 9-12 months, being the products with the most lasting effect. Hundreds of patients tried it out and confirmed the results.