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The Intraceuticals Clarity palette was especially design to effectively fight against acne. The combination between the hyaluronic acid and the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances (salicylic acid, selenium, E-vitamin) calms down rashes caused by acne, leaving behind a healthy complexion, full of vitality.


The purpose of the active ingredients of Intraceuticals Clarity is two-fold: they remove bacteria responsible for acne and they massively hydrate the skin, preventing its premature ageing. Contrary to general opinion, an acneic skin needs just as much hydration as a normal/dry skin. The treatment acts effectively on the inside of the dermis and ensures gorgeous looking skin on the outside!


How does it work?

The Intraceuticals device produces hyperbaric oxygen, which is then used to transport ingredients focused on destroying bacteria that determine acne and on reducing inflammations into the deeper layers of the skin.

The most important ingredient of the Clarity palette, which makes it so effective against acne, is Phytosphingosine, a patented substance that destroys the bacteria responsible for acne and re-establishes the hydration level of the dermis.

Once they reach the dermis, the active ingredients will fight against bacteria, remove impurities and adjust the production of sebum, thus reducing the “oily skin” aspect.

Together with the oil-free care products especially designed to make the skin look heavier, Intraceuticals Clarity rejuvenates the skin, reduces inflammations and restores its beauty!


Deposit of hyaluronic acid

What makes Intraceuticals Clarity treatment so effective for the skin is the mechanism behind how this procedure works, a design by Australian specialists, namely the deposit of hyaluronic acid in two layers.

Step 1. Infusion of Intraceuticals Clarity

Via osmotic pressure, the oxygen caries to the dermis a combination between hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances, which will reduce acne, will calm inflammations and will also ensure the intense hydration of the skin. In order to obtain optimal results, it is recommended to use a protocol consisting of 6 sessions, carried out every 3 days.

Step 2. Intraceuticals Clarity hydrating gel

Intraceuticals Clarity hydrating gel boosts the results of the infusion performed at the clinic and ensures the next hydration layer. The light, oil-free texture that can enrich the skin, reduces dilated pores and controls the sebum production, thus reducing the “oily skin” aspect of the T-zone.



Intraceuticals Clarity support products:

The in-home skin care kit consists of:

  • Clarity cleansing gel – it has a special formula to delicately purify skin of impurities
  • Clarity hydrating gel – intensely hydrates the skin and calms the blisters
  • Clarity concealer crayon – contains a strong formula that is applied directly on the blisters, contributing to their reduction. The crayon has a set of applicators that are exchanged after each use, so there is no risk of contamination.