Acne - Chemical Peling


Acne is a complex problem for which the medical aesthetic industry constantly seeks countless solutions. One of these is chemical peeling, which is used very often, because it provides very good results with minimal risks.

The specialists at Elos Skin&Laser Center recommend Filorga products. The Glykopeel palette of the renowned brand contains the most effective products for peeling on the market. This is because they complete the procedure in 4 steps, with sequential PH variations.

How does the chemical peeling work?

This procedure consists of applying an exfoliating solution on the skin, which removes the superficial layers of the epidermis. By matching the first step of preparing the skin to the final one of repair and protection, Glykopeel ensures a gentle treatment, with immediate results and no recovery period.


Steps of the treatment:

  1. PrePel – purify the skin and prepare it before it the peeling. The solution used at this stage contains purifying agents (lipo-amino acid, chamomile and hamamelis extracts) and exfoliating substances (glycolic acid and kojic acid), removing dead cells and excess sebum
  2. Peeling – exfoliation, stimulation, correction and protection. The peeling solution is available at 3 levels of concentration of glycolic acid (20%, 50% and 70%), the doctor choosing the best option depending on the type of skin and acne severity. The action of the substance aims at increasing dermal permeability, which will allow the active agents aimed at reducing acne to enter the skin.
  3. PostPeel – neutralize and hydrate. This step is essential to neutralize glycolic acid, hydrate the epidermis and adjust the PH value.
  4. Mist – anti-inflammatory action. This substance completes the treatment and gives the skin a fresher and cooler feel. It contains mineral extracts of marine algae, which reduce inflammations and calm the skin.



  • Quick treatment
  • Immediate results
  • Removes acne and calms inflammations
  • Reduces blemishes
  • More radiance and softness
  • No side effects


Treatment protocol

Depending on the acne severity, there are recommended between 3 and 5 sessions, carried out once a week. The protocol can be repeated twice a year.