Or-Light photo-regeneration

orlight_footerOr-Light photo-regeneration is the most effective square pulsed light treatment against one of the most common skin disorders: rosacea.

The square pulsed light acts at the level of the capillaries and leads to their retraction, resulting in less red nose and cheeks and an even colour of the skin.

How does it work?


With a wavelength between 400 and 100 nanometers, the square pulsed light heats the deep tissues of the skin up to a temperature of 60-65 degrees Celsius, the outer skin reaching the temperature of 40-42 degrees Celsius. The energy sent with the applicator determines the photo-coagulation of the haemoglobin in the superficial capillary vessels that absorb more light than the surrounding skin and therefore the vessels fade and in time disappear.

Photo-regeneration has a dual action on the skin: it reduces skin blemishes caused by rosacea and boosts cells’ activity, which improves the aspect of skin.


Steps of the procedure

  1. The area exposed to the treatment will be purified and disinfected
  2. The doctor will establish the intensity of the treatment. Normally, the first session starts with lower intensity, but it will increase during the next sessions
  3. Before the procedure, the treated area will be covered by a special gel, whose aim is to protect the skin and to act as a conductor for the square pulsed light.
  4. During the treatment, both the therapist and the patient will wear protective glasses.




What happens after the treatment?

  • It is possible for a slight burn sensation to appear after the treatment – similar to the post-solar one – possibly accompanied by a slight oedema of the area. The phenomena disappear within 2-24 hours; to reduce discomfort, ice packs can be applied on the treated area.
  • After the photo-regeneration treatment, the skin can look even redder – a sign the energy was absorbed by the capillaries.
  • For the next 24-48 hours, this will fade away progressively; it will disappear from the less affected areas and will diminish in the more marked ones.


Advantages of photo-regeneration:

  • Quick treatment and minimum pain
  • Low post-treatment recovery period as compared to other procedures
  • Even skin colour
  • Improves cells’ activity