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The Intraceuticals Atoxelene palette was specially designed to reduce wrinkles. Atoxelene is an anti-ageing treatment designed for expression lines and wrinkles around the lips and the eyes, becoming the best alternative to injecting various substances against wrinkles. Apart from the benefits on the skin, this treatment is first of all a unique experience that cannot be missed.


21783Consisting of hyaluronic acids and a strong mix of vitamins and antioxidants, the Atoxelene anti-ageing treatment focuses on wrinkles, reducing them in a spectacular manner. The light hyaluronic acid from the Atoxelene Intraceuticals serum is quickly absorbed by the skin, ensuring a maximum dispersion of the nutrients in the skin, with immediate results.




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How does it work?


The Intraceuticals device produces hyperbaric acid, which is used to transport substances into the deep layers of the skin, aimed at reducing wrinkles and preventing new ones from appearing: hyaluronic acid, atoxelene (a derivate of botulin toxin), squalane (smoothens and hydrates the skin), albumin (intense hydration).

With just one infusion of Intraceuticals Atoxelene, the expression lines with be visibly reduced. For maximum benefits, it is recommended to repeat the anti-ageing Atoxelene treatment every week for up to 6 weeks. This anti-ageing treatment was not designed as a single treatment – it was designed to be combined with other versions of the Intraceuticals treatment, such as Rejuvenate (focused on facial rejuvenation and wrinkle prevention), Opulence (focused on hyperpigmentary spots) or with Collagen booster.




Layering of the hyaluronic acid

For optimal results, the Intraceuticals professionals recommend the use of Atoxelene Daily Serum at the same time as the treatments performed at the clinic, for 27 consecutive days, 2 times a day. It was scientifically proven that, after this process, the skin reaches an optimal level of hydration, and wrinkles are reduced by more than 70%.

atoxlwThe Atoxelene Line Wand applies on the wrinkles, enhances the results of the treatment at the clinic and also contributes at enabling the results of the infusion.