Antiaging - eMatrix Profound wrinkle treatment

eMatrix-tratarea-ridurilor-profundeeMatrix is a subablative fractional radiofrequency device, approved by the European Union and FDA in the United States to be used in facial rejuvenation procedures and in the treatment of in-depth wrinkles. This treatment has become an alternative to surgical interventions aimed at removing wrinkles and to the injections with hyaluronic acid.




How does eMatrix work for treating profound wrinkles?

The applicator delivers bipolar radiofrequency energy by means of a 64-pin matrix. Each impulse is sent to the deeper layers of the skin and spread as a cone. Thus a heating process starts in the profound layer of the skin, around the area where the electrode induces lesions to the skin and creates a healing response of minimum burns by activating fibroblasts and synthetizing the new collagen and elastin fibres. Less affected tissue from around the matrix points can be stimulated by the heat, whichaccelerates the healing process, which, in turn, leads to younger-looking skin.

eMatrix is a multiple action treatment because it reduces wrinkle aspect, it renews the collagen structure and improves the skin texture, leading to skin resurfacing.



What is the rejuvenation subablative technology or the cutaneous resurfacing?

The action of the fractional radiofrequency in the profound skin, deeper than any other traditional procedure, results in an exfoliating process of the outer layers of the skin, which leads to reducing or removing fine lines and wrinkles, to improving the skin tonus and its texture, generating at the same time new collagen links that ensure a firmer skin.

Unlike other treatments based on fractional energy, the eMatrix energy is tolerable. During the treatment, patients feel a sensation of stinging heat.




Who are the candidates for this treatment?

The age group of this treatment are patients up to the age of 50, because after this age the resources and capacity of the body to produce new collagen and elastin fibres are more limited.

 Stages of the procedure

  1. Apply local anaesthetic (optional). To ensure patient comfort, you can apply anaesthetic cream, but dermatologists do not recommend it entirely, because it reduces radiofrequency’s power.
  2. According to the treatment chart, the dermatologist performs the procedure on the skin, neck or cleavage area
  3. Finally, the skin is red and swollen. This effect lasts for several hours and it is advised not to neutralize it by applying ice or cold compress. It is the clinical expression of dermic heating and remodelling, which leads to the development of new collagen and elastin fibres.
  4. The dermatologist will apply high SPF photo-protective cream (higher than 30) on the treated area throughout the entire treatment period and 1 month after the final session to reduce the risk of residual hyperpigmentation.
  5. After 24-72 hours, small brown scabs of 1 mm in diameter will appear on the treated area, which will last several days, up to a week. The scabs should not be touched or scratched even if they itch. Patients are advised to constantly apply hydrating cream on the spot, to stimulate their natural removal.eMatrix benefits
    • Patients can go back to their normal routine, as the post-treatment healing does not last very long
    • Unlike other non-aggressive treatments, such as Botox or chemical peeling, the eMatrix procedure works from the inside out by stimulating the synthesis of collagen in order to treat profound wrinkles. Therefore, the results of this procedure last longer and can be enhanced with annual maintenance treatments.
    • It was proven to be safe and effective on all skin types and pigments.
    • Another advantage of the device is that it can be performed during any time of the year. By using fractional radiofrequency instead of laser beam, it does not make skin sensitive tosun exposures and can be performed during any season, without being afraid of hyperpigmentation normally associated to the laser procedures performed during summer time.


    Treatment protocol

    The treatment of each patient depends on their individual needs and desired results. The therapeutic protocol is of 3-5 treatment sessions every 4-6 weeks, and the maintenance sessions are performed every 6-12 months. Very good results can be noticed after the first session, especially when treating wrinkles, skin texture and luminosity.