Cellulitis - VelaShape III


VelaShape III is the best answer to the body’s complex problems, such as cellulitis and skin laxity. VelaShape III is FDA approved (Food and Drug Administration) completes the palette of remodelling devices manufactured by the company Syneron Candela, representing the latest generation of non-invasive treatments to remove orange peel and body remodelling.

If you want to obtain fast, pain-free results that do not requireany recovery time, as well as experience a state-of-the-art device, manufactured by pioneers in the field, then VelaShape III is what you’re looking for!



  • Stronger power of radiofrequency
  • The design of the new applicators allows a better diffusion of radiofrequency and infrared
  • Dermis temperature increases faster
  • Treatment time is reduced considerably
  • Same results, fewer number of treatments

Increased comfort and safety for patients






By combining strong technologies such as Elos technology (obtained by combining bipolar radiofrequency and infrared), vacuum and massage with mechanic rolls, ensure excellent results in a short period of time. All 4 technologies work simultaneously against the treated area, each having its own role:

Radiofrequency. Effective innovative weapon, heats the dermis, produces a chain reaction that favours fibroblasts’ migration and causes a stimulation of collagen and elastin fibres, they all synthetize new collagen. This reaction stimulates an optimal retraction and a skin restructuring/remodelling

Infrared. Removes skin resistance to electrical current and stimulates metabolism, cell activity and oedema resorption, bringing more oxygen and an improved cell exchange.

Vacuum Pulsat. The mobility obtained by vacuum improves blood and lymph flow, it favours the removal of residues and contributes to “ungluing” cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues, to facilitate effective results.

Mechanical rolls. Allow the completion of gentle and agreeable treatment and improve skin aspect.


Accurate and efficient mechanism

Based on the powerful Elos technology (bipolar frequency and infrared), VelaShape III determines the heating of the fat cells, of fibrous septa that ensure the connection between them, as well as of collagen fibres. The design of the new applicators allows for a higher penetrability of the heat, which improves blood flow and lymph drain, stimulating fibroblasts’ activity.


The results of this action are:

  • reduce skin laxity without surgical intervention
  • high rejunevation
  • cellulitis removal
  • improvement of skin texture


After the VelaShape III treatment, the treated area is firmer and smoother, removing the undesired “loose skin” as well as orange peel skin. The special applicators of the device allow the completion of customized protocols and treatments, so that the patients would achieve the desired results in the shortest period of time. The number of sessions required to reduce cellulitis by one degree is almost twice as short as compared to the treatment predecessor VelaShape III, 4 sessions being enough to achieve optimal results!