Permanent Hair Removal - GentleMax Pro


GentleMax Pro was created to perform treatments at the highest standard, being the most efficient photodepilation system. Elos Skin&Laser Center is among the few clinics in Romania that use this device, being used and recommended by dermatologists across the globe.

It is a complex platform that integrates the power of Alexandrite lasers (with wavelength of 755 nanometers) and Nd:YAG (with wavelength of 1064 nanometers) and enables the permanent hair removal procedure for all phototypes, from white skin to dark-coloured skin.


How does it work?


The light beams issued by the laser are delivered via the special applicator, to which a spacer adapted to the treated area is attached. These beams will be absorbed by the hair follicle and turned into powerful heat. The hair follicle is destroyed as the temperature increases, without affecting the surrounding tissues.

The flexible interface of the device allows to set the type of laser according to the patient’s photo-type: Alexandrite for photo-types I-III and Nd:YAG for photo-types IV-VI.







The hairs in active growth stage (anagen) will be destroyed, which is visible 2 weeks after the photo-depilation session. Around 30-60% of the hairs will be removed.


Precautions before the treatment

  • Avoid sun exposure two weeks before the photo-depilation session
  • The hair should be bleached, plucked or waxed 4 weeks before and after the treatment


Stages of the procedure

  1. The area exposed to the procedure will be cleaned and disinfected. If the area has pigmented nevi (moles), they will be covered by a white pencil to avoid the light from being taken over by melanin in these pigmented structures
  2. Enter the settings on the device: photo-type of the patient and type of hair
  3. The dermatologist will apply pulses all over the surface of the treated area, and during the procedure, both the doctor, and the patient will wear protective glasses.



Effective and comfortable treatment

  • The permanent depilation treatments Gentle Max use the patented system Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), which prepares the skin for treatment by spraying a fine layer of cryogen on the upper layer of the skin, few milliseconds before the laser beam.




What happens after the treatment?

  • After the laser treatment, a slight local heat sensation can appear or sting, which can be soothed with the help of ice compresses
  • The skin will react after treatment and a temporary redness or small blisters will appear within 24-48 hours or they can extendto the areas with more hair or reactive skin
  • If there are erythemas, cold compresses will be applied or thermal water will be sprayed on the treated area every hour. In case of face depilation, the dermatologist recommends the use of SPF cream.
  • It is prohibited to take hot showers or go to sauna on the day of the treatment
  • Sun exposure and going to the tanning center at least 2 weeks after the treatment is prohibited, because the hair in the area will grow as usual, but after 10-14 days, the root will regress and will be removed. After several sessions of permanent depilation, the hairs grow slower, which will become thinner.



Advantages of laser depilation

  • Recommended and used by dermatologists across the globe
  • Suitable for all phototypes
  • Hair follicles are destroyed with a low number of sessions as compared to other photo-depilation sessions
  • Safe and effective treatment for any part of the body, no matter how delicate it is (face, armpit or inguinal)
  • Effective treatment against folliculitis and prevents ingrown hairs.




Number of required sessions and treatment frequency

Clinical studies conducted at international level, but also the work experience with our patients prove that a protocol of 6 sessions is required for maximum efficiency, in certain cases it being extended with maximum 2 sessions. The treatment frequency is determined by the treated areas, the minimum frequency being 6 weeks (for face, armpit and inguinal), the maximum reaching up to 12 weeks (for legs).

Is permanent depilation really permanent?

Once the permanent depilation sessions are completed, they do not guarantee a life-lasting effect. There are many factors that can stimulate the regrowth of the hairs, such as hormonal changes. Pilosic follicles are extremely numeours, and the permanent depilation only destroys the follicles active at the time of the treatment. However, after the treatment, some of them remain inactive in the skin. They can be kept at this stage for their entire life if there are no stimulating conditions.

To keep follicles under control and enjoy smoother skin for a longer period of time, it is recommended to undergo yearly maintenance sessions.